Futsal wizard shows off dizzying move

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Futsal wizard shows off dizzying moves in Belgian match. His name is Ismael. Ismael Hamdaoui.

Ismael "The Hitman" Hamdaoui can do things with the ball that human eyes can barely comprehend. The kind of stuff that requires repeat viewing in slow motion to fully appreciate what's happening. In a recent Belgian futsal match, he punished his opponents with these skills, giving them little chance to fight back.

First up was an intricate and lightning fast akka 1000 (a move of his own creation) flick around his opponent. This didn't lead to a goal, but Hamdaoui was just warming up.

To score, he pulled off a tornado backheel that got the goalkeeper to go the wrong way. And then, to prove that he truly he is the boss, he didn't even bother to celebrate.

via Dirty Tackle.

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